My return from the last trip was discouraged. Again I faced with the bad attitude of our people towards each other. For example it’s an attempt to enter the door of the airport building at the same time by the whole crowd. Or attempts to disrupt the double price for a taxi ride. One has to face such things daily, which I absolutely do not want to put up with. Involuntarily, the thought arises to go back to Thailand.

Back to Thailand

At some point, it came to me that all it’s not fits for me. And I decided to go back to Thailand. There, where I really was happy. Fees did not take much time.  To gather for poor – it’s like just put on clothes. And at the fall of 2012, I flew to Thailand. Arrived at Suvarnabhumi Airport, I could not believe my eyes how everything was thought out in it.

Suvarnabhumi Airport

On the lower floor of the airport there is a train station and for a fee 10 times less than the cost of travel on the express train from Domodedovo, I got to old Bangkok. After that I went to Phuket by a bus. On the way to the bus station, I met a local businessman who advised me to deal only with Buddhists. I was repeatedly convinced of the correctness of this advice later.

Wat Saket, Thailand

The Golden Mount

Sanam Luang

I could not go past the Wat Saket temple, but the Grand Palace was already closed. When I got to the bus station, I bought a ticket to Phuket and in twenty minutes we were on the way. The road took all night, in the morning I was in Phuket.

My idea was to learn to master diving, but having plunged into this craft, I realized that it was an occupation for the soul and not for earnings. I got the license. More options for employment are not considered. More interesting ideas have appeared, but I’ll not talk about it yet.

Fun days

This time I stayed at The Best House on Karon Beach. This is not a big three star hotel. Relatively expensive, although nothing special this place doesn’t have. This time the hotel was chosen not by me. We rented this hotel until we found an apartment. Now it’s Chanpirom Boutique Hotel.

It turned out that a whole month lived in it, during which time the hotel became our home, we didn’t even want to move out. There were a lot of rental options, and prices were fine, but at that time I began to lose confidence that I can make it.

The month was fun, where we only were not. We went to the Similan Islands, Phi Phi, Krabi, traveled all over Phuket Island. Discos, bars, restaurants, training in the Jolly Roger, diving on different sites, were not exactly what were needed. Spent a lot, but did not create income.

Back to Thailand

Back to Thailand

Back to Thailand

Back to Thailand

Back to Thailand


Another I damaged a motorbike. I did not miss the pickup at the intersection. He was turning to the left, to the place from where we drove out. The traffic in Thailand is left-sided and we quietly dispersed, without interfering with each other, but at the last moment the driver of the pickup truck decided to go straight. Fortunately no one was hurt. But to the repair a motorbike had to be spent money.

Time flew by quickly, and it was necessary to extend the visa or make a student one.  But the money quickly runs out. As a result, I decided to return to Russia, for a while, until I will decide my money questions.

Now I understand that this was a great opportunity to stay in Thailand, the matter had to be approached more rationally, then the money I had was enough.

P.S. I’ll be back to Thailand again.

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