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This is the author page of the blog about traveling and finding a better life.

Hello! My name is Nikolay.
I was born in a city that received its name from seven Buddhist temples that existed near the Djungar settlement Dorzhinkit. By the will of fate I was turn up to Novosibirsk. Where I spent his youth, got an education and became an adult.

I worked as an engineer in the sales departments of imported equipment in several Russian companies. These companies created by European manufacturing concerns. But anticipating the consequences of the current economic crisis, I began to invest my free time in self-education and the search for alternative sources of income.

I love to travel, the sea, the warm climate, the bright sun, clear skies and martial arts. And I like to see around me people who are satisfied with their lives and are confident in their future. But I definitely don’t want to go of way of self-destruction, in this socio-economic structure.

Read the article on what motivated me to become a blogger.

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Rosalyn · 19.12.2019 at 05:57

Keep up the exceptional work! Lovin’ it!

Jennifer · 10.12.2019 at 20:49

Thank you so much for your site it helps a lot.

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